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NetWest Support System :
What we understand about Customer Support?
The email has now become the most important means of Information Technology and Customer Care Support Management. As a result many companies are outsourcing their non-voice Support Service needs & wants, including email Support Services. The key to Customer Support is to maintenance of a good Customer Care Service. Regardless of whichever industry one is a part of, Customer Care bears highest importance. Acquiring new customers is important, but holding on to existing customers is crucial. After all if existing customers are satisfied they will help in acquiring new ones by spreading the news of your outstanding Customer Support Services. Management of Customer Care Support also involves balancing the requirements of cost effectiveness and round the clock service. Email Service Do you need
Email Service?
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Just ask a few things to YOURSELF
  • Is your customers signing up for mailing list and then leaving your organization?
  • What is your back-up strategy for your communication links with your customer?
  • What about hardware/software crash?
  • How much email account for in terms of bandwidth with all the spam, junk and emails with viruses that arrives at your network?
  • Are Viagra messages flashing on your PC every time you open your email client?
  • Can you recall the last time email services were down in your company? Try experiencing those four-times a year (minimum) what do four days of no-mail cost you?
  • Can your network handle a flood of 60,000 attack emails an hour originating from over 500 different IP addresses? How will you handle this all?
We, at Netwest Solutions are always devoted to manage your e-mail traffic. This Email Support Process includes Transaction Processing, Order Fulfilment, Query Solution, Response to Inquiry or feedback etc. Our Client Support Service involves balancing the requirements through cost management applications and consistent Support Service.
By outsourcing to NetWest Solutions today, your organization will enjoy the following advantages
  • Provide consistent and professional Support Service.
  • Provide maximum server uptime and system accessibility.
  • Rising Return on Investment (ROI) due to increase of Customers and reduced total cost of the proprietor.
  • Overcome technical infrastructure limitations.
  • Attain a cost effective management structure.
  • Compensate for internal staff shortages or lack of technical expertise.
  • Shift IT focus back on your business hub.
  • Receive 365 X 24 x 7 superior technical Support Service.
  • Utmost Client Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Email support can be provided for following areas :
  • Order Fulfilments
  • Query Resolution
  • Response to Inquiry or Feedback
  • Subscription Services
  • Pre-Sales Post-Sales & Order Fulfilments
    • Product Inquiries
    • Order Taking
    • Documentation & Payment Queries
    • Post-Sales Product Support
  • Effective up-selling and cross-selling to existing customers during message
  • Technical Support/ Help desk
    • Troubleshooting for Products and Services
    • Complaint Registrations
    • Guiding Customers in Collecting Information
  • Billing Information
    • Queries About Account Balance
    • Payment Information
    • Changes in Personal Information etc
The main features of our Customer Support System are :
  • A knowledge base of frequently asked questions and answers will be created in collaboration with our customer’s needs and wants.
  • The knowledge bases are continually updated and improved, based on our Support Executives interactions with customers.
  • Realizing that there are few quick fix solutions, our Support Executives are thoroughly trained and familiarized with the client's processes, products and services.
  • When an email is received, incoming messages are scanned and routed to the appropriate Support Executives. Our trained and competent Support Executive provider clear, consistent, and complete answers to increase customer satisfaction and reduce follow-ups.
  • The use of a database that holds standard responses to frequently asked questions ensures that the Support Executives have access to quick and standardized responses. The online knowledge base can also be used to provide immediate personalized responses to customer queries.
Our Email Support teams works with pre-decided methodology in different ways :
  • Customer care
  • Technical support
  • Order fulfilment
  • Verification
  • Complete query resolution
  • Resolving escalated cases
We also support service level agreements (SLAs) based on client requirements, thereby providing answers via email within the time window agreed upon by both parties.
To avail the Support System, feel free to contact us at





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